rebeccagimp16-02-2011 179


Hi everyone

Had a great shoot for the site today with a new male model, really filthy content for you all to wank over and I LOVED filming this scene today! I will most defiantly be using this big cocked model again, even Paige Turnah popped in on the shoot to have a sneaky peak and couldn’t resist a little suck and wank off camera the filthy whore! We have set up another shoot in the next 2 weeks featuring myself, Paige Turnah and hotbodforyou, its gonna be amazing!

Today I arrived at the studio, luckily my photographer and pornographer Enzo only lives up the road from me so we can collaborate our filth at a drop of a hat but the model had come from the midlands for todays shoot.

I arrived at the studio slightly earlier and we discussed various filthy ideas, one stuck the schoolgirl and pervert idea. I was trying to earn some extra dosh after school and I meet a pervert photographer to take some pics but he offers me extra cash to get filmed shagging on camera! It was great as Enzo is as filthy as myself if not more he would narrate the entire film leaving hotbodforyou to step in (donning gimp mask to hide his identity) to be the dirty fucker to do me on Camera. It worked so well and I can honestly say all the new content for my site has been amazing, we have not done one single bad scene and I have insisted all new content go up asap! I really got off on all the filthy talk and the interview to begin is brilliant so sick I loved it!

The money shot was fabulous the model we used could really spunk his load and we have asked him to come back for more shoots! The porno included, sexy shower shot, pissing, loads of different positions and a damn right shit hot facial!

Changing the subject i’m really looking forward to being in Holborn tomorrow and spending a whole day with keira on Friday, I hope to make a filthy movie :) x x x

rebeccapete12-01-2011 130 (2)

Hi everyone

Will be uploading tasters of my latest work within the next few weeks, another amazing shoot today with a well know porn star in the industry called Peter O tool he has worked with alot of female stars such as Tanya Tate and Holly D and he kindly came and shot with me today!

He was the doctor and I was the innocent nurse assistant who was being neglected by her boyfriend and in a desperate attempt to get herself ‘up the duff’ she coaxs ‘Doctor O Tool’ to get her preggers once and for all! With a final deep cum shot as a cream pie I had the time of my life! He gave me a real hard fucking and I LOVED it!

I’m filming again tomorrow at Bluebird with Ben Dover and an old school friend Jamie Barry. That should be fun!

I’m heading off to London for 2 nights on Thursday and will be hooking up with Tropical Tease to discuss our filthy scene with Sensi on Monday, I have a great idea planned and can’t wait to show you the end result! I’m getting quite good at this porn malarky if I do say so myself! heheheh!